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S2:E1 Active Measures

Active Measures

Just before New Year’s Eve 2016, staff at the Burlington Electric company in Vermont received a call. It was the Department of Homeland Security. The electrical grid was under siege by Russian hackers. Or was it?

On a new season of Root Access, host Mike Storm and the Root Access team dive into misinformation online, how fake news has become an industry, the security risks at play, and how social media bot armies play a huge role in its spread. Guests include Professor Fil Menzcer from Indiana University and Mark Pesce, honorary associate with the University of Sydney.

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Root Access is a podcast focused on privacy and security. We take an in-depth look at the topics and events that are determining the course of the internet and its effect on people’s daily lives.

Cisco principal engineer Mike Storm is your host. Root Access is brought to you by Cisco.

Josh Pyorre

Josh is a security researcher with Cisco. Previously, he worked as a threat analyst with NASA, where he was part of the team that initially built out the Security Operations Center. He has also done some time at Mandiant. His professional interests involve network, computer, and data security with a goal of maintaining and improving the security of as many systems and networks as possible.

Past speaking engagements include:
2015: Derbycon, DeepSec (Vienna, Austria)
2015: NASA, Source (Boston, Seattle)
2015: BSides (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin)
2010: Defcon (Las Vegas)


Mike Storm

Mike Storm is a Cisco principal engineer and 10-year CCIE with more than 25 years in the networking and cybersecurity industry. He has an affinity for educating others on how to correctly build security solutions that successfully protect their business, data and themselves from modern threats.

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